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A few people have said yes to the Lv 4 health regen. R we agreed that we want to save for that? We need a further 500 million, which if we want it in time for China, that’s 33 million a day. So that’s a million + each every day from now until China starts.
Those that can afford more will continue with their excellent support job they have been doing for quite a while. I’ve got one really expensive upgrade I want to save for(13.6 mil) and then I will catch up with donations.
Some of our lower guys may struggle with that but I have to say I’ve been well impressed by everyone and what the have achieved with levelling and building their forces from Greenland to Egypt.
I’m posting another message in a second that’s a follow on from what I said before Egypt about lower strength characters. Just got to check some number sand I will post.

Member numbers

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Unless we have existing members with mini-me accounts to add, in addition to their existing account, I think it would be wise for us to consider just staying at 28 members. We had some incredibly tough battles and lost a much higher %age than the previous 2 events.
I think if we stay back at 28 members, we might have an easier run of it in China. One key point is the defense wall level. I don’t think I saw any below level 5 and as high as level 8. I used a lot of my hits and gold to clear the wall on occasions. If we go up against the kind of factions we met in Greenland, but with the upgrades we have now and the strength and depth in players, we should have a much better run of it. Also, if you saw my post, we now have 68 level 6 defense walls.
Thoughts and comments please. The more the better.

Team effort

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team effort on the larger scale, but it’s taken a lot of research in 3 or 4 different places to work all this stuff out. which is why when people don’t listen and do as I’ve asked to maximise what we score, they kind of go in a different direction and it’s annoying. I didn’t just make this stuff up!.

anyway, I’ll stop complaining. example
a lv 1 player with 1 att and 1 def with 1 unit.
if he does a power attack on the DL, he will lose, BUT, he will do 50% damage. he uses all his health in 1 hit. another player does the same thing, bang, the DL is gone. 2 weak players in our faction are out of hits for about 22 minutes, but they have done their job. straight away, all the other players are open to discovery/attack. meanwhile, 21st infantry and the balance of your 22nd Infantry have been pounding away at the enemy wall. both these could be down in less than 5 minutes. party time – double points for every hit from now on for the rest of the hour. that’s how we’ve managed to score so much more in each consecutive battle.
I’ll post the infantry details to you in a minute.

Wall upgrades

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A little while ago someone asked why we needed all those blocks. Well I’ve just sorted out our wall stock for China
18 walls left over at level 5
50 new walls added
All 68 upgraded to level 6

Total cost
Blocks.   2,280
Cash.      69.7 million

Bear in mind if we want to upgrade a wall to Lv 7, it would cost 14 blocks and 1 million each!

Thoughts on Egypt

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There’s a lot of questions that need answers. There’s quite a few people to be binned. Yes it was cool to make half million, but what a shambles. We started so well, and then most forgot the plan. Some things worked ok, then fell away.
So, some changes to make, some people to go. I think we must bear in mind we did have mothers day yesterday but I do have a record of wall activity, donations and activity and scores for this and last WD event. One other thing we need to figure out is why we went up against so many monster hard factions that we were never going to beat. I think it’s partly number of members but would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on all these bits.

Tactics reminder

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Bear in mind this was originally posted 9th march and membership has changed and tactics updated a bit


Officers only to declare
21st infantry to concentrate all attacks on the enemy wall up to Lv 5. At the beginning until its gone +
While the DL is coming down, everyone else is to do at least 1 hit on the enemy wall as well to bring it down quicker.
THEN and only then, do  we attack OUR OPPOSITE NUMBER, once. I’m listed number 1 so I attack their 1st player after their DL And report his defense on the forum. Everyone look at our member listing in the faction section and see where you are listed. Examples
Maor.     No. 5
Bo.          No. 10
sir.          No. 15
BadAss  No. 20
And so on. In the last war, 2 other people hit my opposite number, so although we won those individual hits, 2 of them were wasted in terms of helping out the rest of the team. Hit your own opposite number on the enemy team once and report his defense stat, then you are free to hit anyone you want because there should a load of info on the wall for us all to look at. If 10 of us are fighting, there should be 10 stats available to choose from, then we can make the most of our attacks. Cool?

Expectations of members

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We won’t be setting a minimum score per person at any event. This is not workable. Our new Special Ops team, the 22nd Infantry, are tasked with a job that guarantees them to score less points than other players. Their role is vital to allow all of us to score double points the rest of the time. As mentioned before, they more score less individually, but as a team, we will score an average of about 7,000 pts extra per battle. This is one of our key strategies for aiming for top 250 and they wont be penalised for doing their job! This is a team effort and it will be other considerations that might dictate who stays and who goes!
So what do you need to do stay in this kick-arse faction?:
Donate cash regularly
Donate blocks regularly
Comment, suggest, help and participate on the forum regularly
Unit purchase
Aim to reach requested minimums at an appropriate time
Past performance IS included
Getting signed up for the RSS feed on the blog is a must
Reporting when you can fight in the events

I’m trying to run this as fairly as possible. I don’t want to be tyrannical dictator. I think we have built a great team between us and I want to keep all of you, if your all willing to give it some and see where we can get to. It was a good game before, and these world domination events have made it a great game and I’m loving them. I want to keep it that way for all of us. A great enjoyable game which does include putting the effort in.
After Greenland, I binned 6 players for being wasters and 2 left of their own accord after I gave them the option – put in more effort or you can leave, no hard feelings. And there weren’t any. What we are doing, isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. But for those that want it, even need it, they can’t sit around waiting for others to do it for them.
Don’t know about you guys but I’m already getting excited for the kickoff. I just hope I can get back from work early enough to be there for the start. My last meeting won’t finish until 7pm uk time and although the listed start time in Greenland was 8pm, it started an hour early. Not sure what the deal was there.
Also, which muppet thought it would be a good idea to put this event on mothering Sunday. I’m going to be almost completely unavailable on Sunday – visits, tea and biscuits, cards and presents for Krissy, my beautiful other half, my mum and her mum. Well, that’s 6 hours of the day gone and then I’m taking Krissy out for a tea dance in the afternoon. That’s another 3 hours at least. I think I might be shot if I get my iPad at afternoon tea for death and dismemberment.
Everyone needs to go to the blog and post what their availability is for the weekend.
We are way more prepared for this event than I thought we would be. Just bear this in mind guys:
Top 250 in Greenland was 756k
For our 28 players, that would have been 27,000 pts each – we scored 14,125 each
Top 250 for Egypt – my guess is around 900k
For our 32 players, that would be 28,125, nearly double
You will have seen hits and averages from before. Let’s assume our new special ops team really does the business and our average winning hit score goes from 150 to 200
We each need to do 141 winning hits. If we each participate in half the total number of battles
60 battles over the weekend, half is 30 – that’s 5 winning hits each
5 hits a 200 pts in 30 matches over 4 days = 30,000
32 players = 960,000

Now, that would be something

Faction Leader


Our first Special Ops unit has been created.

The SAS 22nd Infantry

are now active. Current members:-

Jeremy.         Squadron Leader
sir.                 Air Trooper
peppie.          Ground Trooper
don.                Sea Trooper
big guns.       Infantry Trooper

There maybe 1 or 2 more additions to this team in time for Egypt. A big thank you to Jeremy for putting this team together.

Since Greenland, I wanted a dedicated strike team for one of 2 tasks

1) take out the enemy wall
2) report on ALL enemy defense stats.

Point 1

If the enemy has a defense wall at level 1 or 2, it is the sole role of the 22nd infantry to attack this wall at the start of each battle. In theory, they can clear a level one wall by themselves (especially if a 6th member joins).

For the rest of us not in combat with the defense leader, we should make 1 attack each on the enemy defense wall first. If there are enough of us, we should be able to clear even a Lv 2 wall in around 3 minutes.

Along with the double points we will score for the rest of the hour, This tactic, should earn us on average about 7,000 extra points per battle – this assumes that just 15-20 of us are in the fight.

REMINDER – enemy wall goes down, we earn double points on everything after that.

Once we have each made our 1 attack on the defense wall, we then make 1 attack on our opposite number in the enemy team. For example, I have instigated battle and made my first attack on their defense leader and then reported the result to our forum. At this point, only the special ops team are doing anything. I will direct someone to attack the defense leader in a certain way ie do a power attack and he will go down in one or I’ve already beaten him etc.

The second player on our team list, is pvt benjamin. His is to attack the second player on their list and immediately report his defense stats. 3rd player is bow – he attacks the third on their list and so on. Most of the time in Greenland, we were matched against a team of similar or same numbers. With 28, only once did we match up with a team as low as 22.

Yes, some will win and some will lose on this first hit but, in the first 5 minutes, we will have destroyed the Defense Leader, the enemy defense WALL and have intel on every member of their faction.

Our forum holds 50 messages. Once battle has started, the only thing to go on the forum is the enemy defense stats. Once this is done, we can all pick and choose who we want to hit knowing that we can beat them. Try to pick someone who has a defense figure at about 60 to 75% of your attack to aim to get you a win. If you want a guaranteed win you need to look around 50% max.

If your late joining the battle, don’t just go in guns blazing. Go to the forum first and see what’s going on.

Also, everyone needs to go to the member listing on the forum AND FIND YOUR NUMBER so that you know who to hit on the enemy team!

Point 2

The enemy have a Lv 3 or higher defense wall or they have no defense wall at all.

The 22nd infantry special ops team will do the initial attacks on the enemy players and report all their stats. While they are doing that, the rest of us deal with the DL and wait for the intel. Then we all kick arse.

If we want top 250, we have to do this and do it properly. Top 250 in Greenland was 756k. Don’t be surprised if its 900k in Egypt. That’s 28,125 pts EACH. That’s double what we scored in Greenland. If we do not follow this plan, TO THE LETTER, and just go off and do our own thing because it’s too complicated or You just can’t be bothered, we won’t get into the top 250. Even with doing it, it’s going to be tough. Us boys in the UK have mothers day on Sunday and I know I’m going to be unavailable for most of it – my Krissy, my mum and her mum and a Tea Dance. It’s going to be difficult for me to even look at my phone, let alone get the iPad out and try to connect it.

With good players, like we’ve got, we stick to the plan and a bit of luck, I think we have a strong chance at the top 250. What do we get for our effort:

Sand striker T-129.          250 a 291 d
Fahd APC                            330 a 459 d   +3% air def
Desert Night Watchman 500 a 573 d   10% less casualties
EAF Desert Eagle.             890 a 871 d +10% cash from buildings

Um, yes please.

Love to here your views and if we can make this better but still keeping it simple. Hope to hear from you soon.

Faction Leader

This is specifically about the 21st group but there are a number of posts to follow that had previously been posted on the forum and I just kept a copy to post on here when I had some time. I’m watching king kong with not much else to do so I thought I would post this lot. Some of it is very important, some not so much but all of it interesting one way or another. If you’ve read this, please post back on the forum and encourage others who have not signed up to get on here and do so. Cheers guys. Let me know your thoughts on here for anything you haven’t seen before and you found interesting etc. Cool.


 22nd infAntry/ discovery consists of( in order of response to me,duty, and number to attack as discussed) 1.sir (air) 2. peppie (ground) 3. don (sea) 4.big guns (infantry) 5.Jeremy rotating focus working on 3 others still awaiting a response.